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If you want a generic "writer", close this page. I only work with businesses that sell the highest quality products and services, and actually give a damn about improving the lives of their customer.

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I'm a digital marketing specialist. In fact, I've written on just about every subject in the niche that there is:

I stay current on the latest marketing trends and tactics, and make sure to test them out for myself.

That’s how I write articles like:

Falling From A “Skyscraper”: Why Famous SEO Strategies Won’t Work For You

Even though the Ahrefs blog was relatively new at the time, the article was able to garner just under 1,000 shares and 66 comments…

skyscraper technique

Each article I write has a single goal: To connect with (and grow) your target audience.

I’ve written for some of the biggest Internet marketing blogs on the web.

For example, I wrote several articles for the Crazy Egg blog in the past. Here’s one:

Be Brave – Remove Your Sidebar and Increase Conversion by 26-71%

crazy egg shares

You can read more of my Crazy Egg posts here, or see my posts on the Klientboost blog.

Whether you just need content or need help with a complete content marketing strategy, I can help.

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