I write things and build fun web apps.

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Vegan Protein Lab

Vegan Protein Lab Comparison Table

My latest, mostly content-based project. It's purpose is to make getting protein as a vegan simpler.

While most of the site consists of written content, I've built a few useful small tools.

Most notably is my page designed to help readers find the best vegan protein powder for them. It includes the custom built table shown in the image above which lets them sort by taste, price, nutrition, or mixability. The table also allows filtering by flavor or country, and table data updates with localized data when a country is selected.

Also fun was the sortable collection of high protein vegan recipes, which lets users sort by macronutrient, and filter recipes that only include or exclude a particular ingredient. Built with React, as are all the other tools on this site.


A simple keyword research tool that uses NLP to identify keywords in Reddit comments of an inputted subreddit.

Best used to discover seed keyword phrases when you are new to a topic, which can then be plugged into other keyword research tools.


It's hard finding well-researched answers to common vegan questions, so I decided to create the site I was looking for.

Nothing special from the technical end, but the content can serve as samples for what I think quality content looks like.

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